Hamilton Arboretum (800km) – Yaumarunui (1046km)

Hamilton Arboretum – Kanwhaniwha Campsite (835km): 34km, 9h

No resupply

Kanwhaniwha Campsite – small car park on Honiki Road (865km): 29km, 9h

Pahautea Hut km 842. For people with good fitness and high level backcountry skills and experience. Weather conditions can change rapidly on Pirongia

No resupply

Honikiwi Road – Doc Campsite Waitomo (km890): 25km, 10h

River crossing, no resupply

Waitomo – Te Kuiti (900km): 13km, 6h

No camping on private land, camp site in Te Kuiti, may find few resupply in Te Kuiti, but important for the next section. Could be smart to drop a resupply box there.

Te Kuiti – Mangaohewa (928km): 25km, 7h

no resupply

Mangaohewa – Pureora Forect park (962km)

Hauhungaroa Track to Taumarunui (1046km): 84km, 5-6 days

long and remote track… autonomy, security and food supply must be considered concienscly


  • km978 – Bog Inn Hut

  • km 995 – Waikaha Hut
  • km 1006 – Hauhungaroa Hut


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