Tamarunui (1046km) – National Park Village (1158km)


Long and isolated sections. Alpin crossing

Tamarunui – Te Porere redoubt: 57km, 3 days

Resupply for 5/6 days must be done in Tamarunui. No amenities nor resupply en route.


Tongario Alpine Crossing to Mangatepopo Hut (km1129): 27km, 9h

Weather conditions can turn dangerous quickly.

No water resources due to volcanic activity and high mineral concentration. Ketetahi Hut (km1118) and Mangatepopo Hut (km1128) must be booked online


Mangatepopo Hut – National Park Village (1158km): 29km, 9h

No amenities, no supply en route,

YHA and possible resupply.

The next section is as much remote and serious to plan. As much a food for 2 to 4 days walk to the Whanganui river

Kayak must be booked, i trust at Whakahoro for at least 120km on the Whanganui river

See TAT’s for further information for a shortcut track via Upper Ruatiti


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