Whanganui River to Whanganui (km1365)

It’s a 180km or 120km section kayaking on Whanganui River

Kayak must be prebook in Whahahora (km1210), the start could take place here or at Mangapura Landing (km1247)

From Mangapura landing:

Distances between huts/campsites/exit points are as follows (with indicative times, though each person will differ):

  • Mangapurua to Tieke Kainga — 10.5km, 2hrs
  • Tieke Kainga to Ngaporo campsite — 12.5km, 2.5hrs
  • Ngaporo to Pipiriki — 9km, 1.5hrs
  • Pipikiri to Jerusalem — 10.5km, 2hrs
  • Jerusalem to Matahiwi Landing — 11km, 2hrs
  • Matahiwi Landing to Koriniti Pa — 7km, 1.5hrs
  • Koriniti Pa to Pungarehu Marae – 26.5km, 5hrs
  • Pungarehu Marae to Upokongaro – 24km, 5hrs
  • Upokongaro to Wanganui Top 10 Holiday Park – 4.5km, 45min
  • Wanganui Top 10 Holiday Park to Wanganui Motor Boat Club slipway (Anzac Parade) – 4km, 45min

Of Course: Don’t canoe the river when water levels are rising or its in flood. If you capsize you may not be able to get
back in or swim to the rivers edge… TastyTrek Trampers were a bit crazy to attend the kayaking at that time


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