Harper Pass Track and : Boyle Village (km 2054) – Coleridge Lake (2239km)


Boyle Village (km 2054) – Arthur’s Pass (2167km): 113km… 8-9 days…

Sent Foodbox to YHA at Arthur’s Pass for 4/5 days

On the West Coast side of Harper Pass the route requires many crossings of the Taramakau and Otehake Rivers.
Trampers with river-crossings skills and experience will find these rivers possible in normal to low flows but impassable when
river levels are high. Extra food should be carried to enable trampers backtrack or to wait until river levels subside.

  • St James Car Park (Boyle Village) to Hope-Kiwi Lodge 6.5 -8 hours
  • Hope-Kiwi Lodge to Hurunui Hut 5 – 6 hours (19 km)
  • Hurunui Hut to Hurunui No. 3 Hut 4-5 hours (10 km)
  • Hurunui No.3 Hut to Locke Stream Hut 7 hours (15 km)
  • Locke Stream Hut to Morrison footbridge via Aitkens 6 – 8 hours (23km)

Morrison footbridge to Greney shelter: 25km, 2 days

To Arthur’s Pass (2167km)

Arthur’s Pass – Harper Road( 2210km): 42km, 2 days

Harper Road – Coleridge Lake (km 2239)


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