Raikaia River: Hazard Zone

The Rakaia is a large braided river with an unsettled shingle bed. Even in low flows it is not possible to safely ford this river on foot anywhere near Te Araroa’s trailhead on the north bank. As a result, Te Araroa Trust has declared the Rakaia a hazard zone which does not form part of the trail. Instead it marks a natural break in the continuum, just like Cook Strait.

The trailheads on either side of the Rakaia make natural beginning or end points for Te Araroa section trampers and it is really
only through-trampers that have to deal with the issue of getting from one trail head to the other. Don’t risk a foot crossing.
Instead go around the road in a vehicle. Doing so will not compromising the integrity of a through-tramp.



“unpredictable even in the best of times. +1 to staying alive3

“Remember the TAT rule: Your feet must never leave the ground”

(quote on Te Araroa Facebook Group)

walk 20km south to Rakaia gorges to find a campsite,



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