South Island Start, Ship Cove (km1700) – Richmond Track (km1847)

From Picton, resupply for 5-6 days. Sent a foodbox from Picton or Wellingtonto St Arnaud for at least 8-10 days in Waiau Pass Track.

the track starts at Ship Cove, book a water taxi and a 12$ pass for Queen Charlotte track

Ship Cove (km1700) – Anikiwa(km1766): 65km, 3-5 days

Anikiwa – Havelock (km1783): 17km, 4h

resupply for 10 to 12 days for the Richmond track, in Havelock or hitch-hike back to Picton

Havelock – Maungatapu Rd End (km1815): 32km, 9h

Pelorus river footbridge – Hacket Hut Junction (km1847): 28km, 3-4 days

  • Captain Creek Hut (km1824): 9km, 4h
  • Middy Hut (km1829): 5km, 2h
  • Roebuck Hut (km1855): 8km, 4h
  • Brouning Hut (km1844): 9km, 5h
  • Hacklet Hut (km1847) 3km, 1h

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