Princhester Rd (km2842) – Bluff (km3069) Road – Scotts Gap (km2926): 63km, 4-5 days

  • Lower Pinchester Hut (km2848): 6km 1h30
  • Aparima Hut (km2864): 17km, 8h
  • Lower Wairaki Hut (km2877): 13km, 8h

(no water sources)

  • Telford campground (km2885): 8km, 7h

(obliged if arrived after midday)

  • Suan Flat Rd (km2904): 19km, 7h,

private land, no water sources, no camping

  • Scotts Gap (km2926): 18km, 8h








Scotts Gap –  Menivale Road End (km2940): 19km, 6h


Longwood Forrest Track: Merivale Rd – Roundhill Rd (km2985): 45km, 2-3 days

  • Bald Hill (km2946): 4km, 2h
  • Martin’s Hut (km2961): 7h
  • Roundhill (km2985): 9h

Roundhill Rd – Riverton (km3003): 15km, 5h

campsite at Colac Foreshore Rdcampsite and resupply in Riverton

Riverton – Ivercargill : 31km, 1 day

Ivercargill – Bluff: 33km, 1 day


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