Wanaka Lake (km2615) – Princhester Road (km2842)



Wanaka Lake (km2615) – Fernbarn Carpark (km2633): 17km, 5h

camp-site in Albert Town, Glendhu Bay, YHA, BBH, Resupply


Motatapu Alpin Track: Fernbarn Carpark – Arrowtown(km2679): 4-5 days

Only suitable for experienced trampers, several steep sidles that require cares, could be hot and dray, water sources are limited

  • Fern Burn Hut (km2640): 7km, 4h
  • Highland Creek Hut (km2646): 6km, 5h
  • Roses Hut (km2656): 11km, 6h
  • Macetown, 10km, 6h
  • to Arrowtown (km2679): 4-5h

Resupply, camp-site and BBH in Arrowtown



Arrowtown – Queestown (km2707): 21km, 6h

YHA, BBH, Camp-site and resupply in Frankton

Crossing Lake Wakatipu: water taxi expensive, or road shuttle to Glenorchy (detour to Glenorchy, 82km, 3 days)


Greenstone Carpark (km2748) – Mavora Lake Campground (km2796): 47km, 3-4 days

  • Greenstone Hut (km2760), 11km, 3-5h
  • Taipo Hut (km2769), 10km, 5h
  • Boundary Hut (km2780), 12km, 4h
  • Careys Hut (km2787), 6km, 2h
  • Marova campground (km2796), 10km, 2h


Marova Campground – Princhester Road (km2842): 47km, 2-3 days

detour on left river bank in bad weather

At Princhester Road, need to walk or hitchhike to Masburn (resupply, BBH, Campsite) 25km, or to Te Anau (YHA, BBH, resupply), 30km


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