Resupply, Post Restante, Bounce box, Food box…

Resupply locations

Once I have read the Te Araroa Walkguide, downloaded and studied the TAT’s Trail Notes, compared to TAT’s Trail Maps, I crosschecked with GPX files, added referenced campsite, huts, resupply shops.

I worked on Resupply locations, after i have estimated days of autonomy along the sections thanks to my reading.

I have found useful resupply notes shared by previous trampers on:

The Facebook Group

AcrossThe Land



A describe one North Island it’s quite easy to resupply regularly on the trail. On South Island, sections between towns are longer. Moreover some sections are weather dependant, it is a security to anticipate the possibility of short steps between hut and shorter days in cays of bad weather. The previous informations must be considered carefully. It could be smart and secured to load some extra food, just in case.

Off trail and/or Food Box

Nevertheless some detour seem to be inevitable as:

  • Hanmer Spring after Waiau Pass,
  • Methven after Rakaia River
  • Geraldine after Rangitata River
  • Te Anau

Very remote sections may need to send a food box to “private” locations:

  • in St Arnaud (for 10 days) WARNING October 2018 update: Travers Sabine Lodge DO NOT accept foodbox anymore CONTACT Nelson Lake DOC Office to inquire about food-box keeping opportunities
  • to Arthurs’s Pass YHA (for 7 days)
  • to Lake Coleridge lodge

Food boxes must be sent from a good resupply place, such as Picton or Wellington.

TA tramper’s number is rising every year, to make sure that “private food box keeper network” will be sustainable, always keep in mind to:
1. Call the Lodge/Hotel/… before you sent a parcel to ask for permission
2. It’s good to stay one night or more at the place you sent your parcel
3. Give a Koha (something back: money/help/services…) to the people who kept your parcel.
The worst behavior will be: do not call in advance, don’t ask permission, don’t stay at the place, don’t give something back…. taking the food box keeping for granted

resupply places

Setting aside food, hygiene products must be added to Food Box.

Bounce Box = Post Restante

The Poste Restante service is free for letters, documents and small parcels held for up to three months. Large parcels can also be held for up to three months – they will be held for the first seven days free of charge, and then $2.50 per parcel per seven days (or part thereof).

Duration Letters and parcels up to 2kg Parcels 2-30kg
0 – 7 days Free Free
7 days – 3 months Free $2.50 per week

You can have mail redirected from one Poste Restante location to another within New Zealand for an additional $7.00 (for up to three months). All Poste Restante mail should be addressed as follows:

Delivery service
Town, postcode

Here the Poste Restante on Trail:

poste restante

Just follow this link to find up to date adresse of NZ Post Restante

Poste restante may be very usefull for gear bounce box such as shoes, hiking-poles, printed TAT maps and Track notes …


5 thoughts on “Resupply, Post Restante, Bounce box, Food box…

  1. The information about the post-office in Wellington its not right!!!
    I send my paket on this adress,its a bank,please cancel this wrong information for other people…

    • I feek so sorry…
      It may have changed since or i made a mistake…
      To avoid futur errors i directly paste the link to Post Restante website page of the Kiwi Post and updated the page

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