Alcohol, wood, solid or gaz stove?



For my previous trips I used to do my cooking with an Esbit solid stove.

Because it was small enough being carried on my back, but big enough to get half a litre of water boiled in 5 min.


h_541991 I didn’t used a long time that kind of white, solid, stinky gasoline cubes that could help you to start a barbecue but that emit stinky, black, toxic smoke…


All your stove stink and is rapidly covered with black combustion residues … I really change rapidly to another combustible.




I found an other solution: recycled compressed fire starter wood cubes… really cheap, really light, ecological, efficient and that you can fin in any store.



Because of the remote sections on the Te Araroa, and because of its length, I really focus on light, efficient and reliable gear. I really start to believe in Ligh-backpacking. I still won’t sleep under a Tarp, but I will really sacrifice my previous habits for fewer, lighter gear.




Because alcohol (or “Meths” ) could be easily found in any grocery in NZ, I really focused on alcohol stove. I tried to build my own alcohol stove with an aluminium bottle… but my prototypes weren’t so perfect.


I’m very happy to being sponsored by VARGO company, that generously offered me one of their product.



vargo tripod


The VARGO TRIAD is a really small and really light alcohol stove:


Only  28g for an Ultra light, Ultra compact Titanium Alcohol Stove.




See their demonstration video:



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