St Arnaud to Hanmer Spring: 2100km

Alors depuis St Arnaud jusqu’a Hamner Spring:

Des Sandflies affamees
Un bivouac a un col a1800m reveille a minuit avec 10cm d’eau dans la tente

Le passage de Waiau Pass dans les neves

Jeanine et Seraya qui abandonnent le Trail avec une tres serieuse plaie au genoux pour Jeanine
30km par jour avec Paul, 62 ans, Ultralight avec sac a dos de 2.8kg
Reveil a 5h du mat pour fuir la tempete
vent de 100km et pluie diluvienne
Nana avec cheville foulee dans la tempete, partis en courant a 5km pour la trouver… la ramener au refuge en la portant sur mon dos…

Ca c’est fait… ou comment finir l’annee 2014 en beaute

Epic Journey from St Arnaud to Hanmer Spring:

*St Arnaud to Travers Saddle in one day. Camp on travers saddle. Totally dry: Made some snow melt to get water. Heavy rain at night, the saddle transformed to a lake…5-10cm of water in the tent at midnight, cope with my cooking pot, dug a trench to drain the water from around and under the tent.
*12 TA trampers crossing Waiau Pass the very same day, some wainting the last 2 days for better weather
*Jeanine and Seraya brought to Hospital thanks to a 4WD driver in Waiau valley, after Jeanine fall on a sharp rock and seriouly wond her knee: deep bleeding wound
*Walked with Paul, 62 yo Kiwi ultralight tramper… only 2.8kg backpack as fit as i am… or even more
*wake up at 5am under wind turning to gale to reach Anne hut a 9am, almost run the 18km to the hut to reach it before the storm.
*A dozen of hikers on St James track arrived totally soaked and cold in Anne hut that very day. When a couple warned us that a tramper was ankled-twisted wounded and couldnt barely walk 15km far from the hut, without any tent…
*Emergency call with VHF radio fron Anne Hut to Arthur’s Pass Station. Worst communication quality ever… to warm from the situation and the most possible Hypothermia risk
*Until a last arriving couple in the Hut told the lady was less than 5km from the hut. Every hikers were out of their confort zone. Paul and I, terribly fit, well rested, jump in our rain clothes, took extro warm cloth, survival blanked and PLB and run outside under the storm to reach the couple…
*Paul took her backpack and made the way back to hut with the guy, I took the lady ON MY BACK and brought her back to the Hut… Crazily I arrived at the hut carriying the lady before Paul and the guy reached the hut…
Epic New Year’s Eve ever… i will remember it all my life

I can tell you that after 2000km and almost 3 months on TA trail I (and you will be) am terribly fit…

The Richmond Range was a perfect journey, this last week was just the best ever…

Les photos ici / Pictures here


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