Hanmer Spring to Methven.. 2200km and some peanuts…

Here in Geraldine after a stop in Methven yesterday:
Amazing landscapes, rivers, huts, mountains, clouds from this last 10 days between Hamner Spring to Methven.

Advice as usual:
*Everything is so simple (and so flat) after Waiau Pass…
*Very nice Huts (either big or really small bivvy)
*Deception track is not a track but just a river bed, perfect in sunny day, terrible in case of rain.
*If you want to know if Deception River Track in safe or not (over 30 river crossing), cross the river at the pint you face the SH and the railway going to/from Arthurs Pass at the very end of the wide valley after Harper Pass (4WD track and black non-continuous line on TA maps)… if it safe to cross at that point it will be ok, the follow the road during 5km and cross the bridge over the railway and the river
*the Coast to Coast Race will go through Deception mid february, that’s a very popular long race… maybe it’s a good idea to avoid this track that very day
*Goat Pass Hut has the most Alpin and “french Alps look” from the all trail up to now (if you like the view, just come in Europe and France to Hike in the Alps… google “Via Alpina” to find amazing long hikes in the Alps between France, Italy, Swissland, Germany, Austria… you will love it if you enjoy NZ south Island)
*Crazy Keas in Arthurs Pass, begging for food or simply stealing it
*Its a very long and desert road to avoid Rakaia river… which is definitively UNCROSSABLE
*I officially cheated and skipped the section between Rakaia and Rangitata river… to many km of desert gravel road for only 3 days of walk between the rivers…
BUT, i have crossed the bridge of Rangitata River between Ashburton and Geraldine this morning… there is VERY FEW WATER in Rangitata, my opinion is taht RANGITATA IS EASILY CROSSABLE AT THAT TIME.

(I dont tell you to cross it but to consider the possibility of an easy crossing) The region here suffer from a HUGE scarce of rain

The pictures here / Les photos sont ici

— à Geraldine, New Zealand.


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