The Trail


Te Araroa means “The Long Pathway”,

It’s a brand new 3000-km trail in New-Zealand, (opened in December 3rd, 2011) stretching from Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to Bluff in the South.  The Tracks are the result of an over ten years volunteers work.

It’s one of the longest walking routes in the world: a “continuous” 3,000 km walking track… river crossing (sometime hazardous) and canoeing… among existing tracks and walkways, new tracks and link sections along side roads. 40% of the trail crosses conservation land.

If The straight line distance from Cape Reinga to Bluff is ‘only’ 1475 km,but  tramping the full 3000km length would take 120 to 160 days , depending on weather, health, fitness, encounters and opportunities…

The Trail leads to discover the diversity of NZ: it explores New Zealand’s tombolos, its volcanoes, its range and mountain uplift, its rivers, lakes and valleys. From the top of the North Island it goes down the coastline, through the forest, across farmland, over volcanoes and mountain passes, along river valleys, and on green pathways through seven cities.





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