Kuenzi Magic Flame NG

I would like to promote a small company from Swiss, its product and the man Roland Künzi.


MAGIC-FLAME NEXT-GENERATION+ rechaud-kuenzi-04http://www.kuenzi.com


Ingenious construction: Collapsible, seven segments – 11.5 x 15 x 1 cm.

Efficient: Cooking temperatures up to 800° C and more.

Economy: Minimal fuel requirements.

Environment-friendly: Optimal resource usage, no refuse, CO2-neutral.

Economic: No gas bottles, no petrol, no additional expenses.

Durability: Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.

Top quality: Swissmade, unlimited guarantee. Every faulty MF-NG will be repaird or replaced without any discussion

rechaud-kuenzi-14      rechaud-kuenzi-13

Associated to a “Meths” / alcohol stove, the MF-NG totally fit my needs of reliability and autonomy for the Te Araroa Trail.

12518         12686

I’m really enthusiastic to test this stove and to promote this brand. I really want to thank Roland for his support and consideration to my project as well as his kindness.

I wish i could tell you more about this product soon !

Just visit   http://www.kuenzi.com  website for more information about this product, its in French, German and English, and it’s really interesting

Caractéristiques techniques :
Marque : Kuenzi
Modèle : Magic-Flame Next-Generation (MF-NG)
Type de réchaud à bois : simple paroi
Carburant : bois
Matériaux : acier inoxydable CrNi
Poids : 562g (réchaud + sac de transport en coton + les 2 tiges métalliques)
Dimensions : réchaud pliable, 7 segments – 11.5 x 15 x 1 cm
Puissance : température de cuisson allant jusqu’à 800°C.
Garantie : garantie illimitée, chaque MF défectueux est remplacé sans discussion


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